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City & town planning - architectural aspects

Vertical Urbanism: Designing Compact Cities in China

Lin, Zhongjie (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA)
Gamez, Jose L. S. (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA)

978 1 351 20680 8
Publication date:
18 April 2018

Cities of Repetition

Lange, Christian J.

978 1 939621 65 8
Publication date:
1 December 2017

Heritage-led Urban Regeneration in China

Xie, Jing
Heath, Tim (University of Nottingham, UK)

978 1 317 37842 6
Publication date:
13 November 2017

State Beyond the State, A: Deciphering Chinese Urban Transformation

Chen, Ting (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)

978 94 6208 349 3
Publication date:
26 September 2017

Tokyo Roji: The Diversity and Versatility of Alleys in a City in Transition

Imai, Heide (Hosei University, Japan)

978 1 317 36364 4
Publication date:
1 August 2017

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