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History of art / art & design styles

Second Buddha Master of Time, The

Pakhoutova, Elena
Seligman, Rachel
Bogin, Benjamin
Doney, Lewis
Hirshberg, Daniel

978 3 7913 5753 9
Publication date:
2 April 2018

Oxford Readings in Indian Art, The

Goswamy, Prof. B.N. (Professor Emeritus, Panjab University)

978 0 19 946942 0
Publication date:
15 March 2018

Empire and Art: British India

Dohmen, Renate

978 1 5261 2294 0
Publication date:
5 January 2018

Shanghai: Then and Now(r)

Grylls, Vaughan

978 1 911216 92 6
Publication date:
1 December 2017


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