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Oriental art

Japanese Marks & Seals


978 1 138 97364 0
Publication date:
30 September 2018

Rama Epic, The: Hero, Heroine, Ally, Foe

McGill, Forrest
Ghosh, Pika
Goldman, Robert P.
Sutherland Goldman, Sally J.

978 0 939117 77 2
Publication date:
25 September 2018

Arts and Crafts of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, The

Frembgen, Jurgen Wasim (Adjunct Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)

978 0 19 940520 6
Publication date:
1 September 2018

Artist in Edo, The: Studies in the History of Art, vol. 80

Lippit, Yukio
Cort, Louise Allison
Satoko, Tamamushi
Tomoko, Emura
Motoaki, Kono
Screech, Timon
Fumikazi, Kishi
Nelson Davis, Julie
Yasuhiro, Sato
McKelway, Matthew

978 0 300 21467 3
Publication date:
28 August 2018

History of Art in Japan, The

Tsuji, Nobuo
Rousmaniere, Nicole Coolidge

978 4 13 087060 3
Publication date:
20 July 2018


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