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Management of land & natural resources

Development of Water Resources in India

Garg, Vikas
Singh, Vijay P.
Raj, Vijay

978 3 319 55124 1
Publication date:
30 June 2017

Green Transportation and Energy Consumption in China

Chai, Jian (Xidian University, China)
Yang, Ying (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)
Lu, Quanying (Shaanxi Normal University, China)
Xing, Limin (Shaanxi Normal University, China)
Liang, Ting (Shaanxi Normal University, China)
Lai, Kin Keung (Shaanxi Normal University, China)
Wang, Shouyang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

978 1 351 71198 2
Publication date:
26 June 2017

Community Management of Rural Water Supply: Case Studies of Success from India

Hutchings, Paul (Cranfield University, UK)
Franceys, Richard (Consultant, UK)
Smits, Stef (IRC, Netherlands)
Mekala, Snehalatha (SPLASH, India)

978 1 138 23207 5
Publication date:
13 June 2017

Achieving Food Security in China: The Challenges Ahead

Zhang-Yue, Zhou

978 1 138 80747 1
Publication date:
22 May 2017

Energy Policy in China

Yang, Chi-Jen

978 1 138 08052 2
Publication date:
17 May 2017

Food Safety in China

Jen, Joseph Jwu-Shan
Chen Junshi

978 1 119 23796 9
Publication date:
12 May 2017


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