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Organization & management of education

Patriotic Schools and Anti-Colonialism in Hong Kong

Lau, Chui Shan (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Lui, Tai-Lok (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Chiu, Stephen Wing-Kai

978 1 317 19699 0
Publication date:
1 May 2018

Singapore School Principals: Leadership Stories

Boon, Zoe Suan Loy (National Inst Of Education, Ntu, S'pore)

978 981 320 898 8
Publication date:
27 April 2018

School Education in India: Market, State and Quality

Jain, Manish
Mehendale, Archana
Mukhopadhyay, Rahul
Sarangapani, Padma M.
Winch, Christopher

978 1 138 49474 9
Publication date:
13 April 2018


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