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Politics of Police Reform, The: Society against the State in Post-Soviet Countries

Marat, Erica (Assistant Professor, Department of Regional and Analytical Studies, National Defense University)

978 0 19 086149 0
Publication date:
31 May 2018

Local Elites in Post-Mao China

Guo, Yingjie

978 1 351 11701 2
Publication date:
8 May 2018

Mapping Power: The Political Economy of Electricity in India's States

Bharvirkar, Ranjit (Director, India program, Regulatory Assistance Project)
K. Dubash, Navroz (Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research)
Kale, Sunila

978 0 19 948782 0
Publication date:
1 May 2018

India: Superfast, Primetime, Ultimate Nation

Roberts, Adam

978 1 78125 646 6
Publication date:
5 April 2018

Yeh Darakti Zameen: Bharat ka Paristhitik Itihas

Gadgil, Madhav (Indian Institute of Science)
Guha, Ramachandra

978 0 19 948520 8
Publication date:
29 March 2018

Human and International Security in India

Bates, Crispin (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Tanabe, Akio (Kyoto University, Japan)
Mio, Minoru (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

978 1 138 58379 5
Publication date:
22 March 2018


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