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500 Common Korean Idioms

Fouser, Robert J.
Pyun, Danielle Ooyoung

978 1 138 69827 7
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Publication date:
12 December 2017

Full description: 

500 Common Korean Idioms is a useful learner's tool that presents the 500 most commonly used Korean idioms in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. Structured with practicality in mind, the book presents: idioms with their literal and natural translations; usage notes describing the meaning, typical use, and any related cultural topic; several example sentences providing context and showing appropriate use of each idiom; important vocabulary and expressions highlighted in each chapter for review; an MP3 file for each idiom (online). Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners of Korean, 500 Common Korean Idioms provides a step-by-step approach to gaining greater fluency through a grasp of the most common idioms in the language.

Table of contents: 

Acknolwedgments Introduction Organization of idioms Presentation of idiom entriesReferences List of idiom entries 500 common Korean idioms Appendix: idioms by theme


Danielle O. Pyun is Associate Professor of Korean at the Ohio State University, USA.




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