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Afghanistan at War: From the 18th-Century Durrani Dynasty to the 21st Century

Lansford, Professor Tom

978 1 59884 759 8
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Publication date:
16 February 2017

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Covering wars and conflicts of Afghanistan from the modern founding of the country in the 1700s to the contemporary struggle with the Taliban, this single-volume reference analyzes the causes and results of Afghanistan's wars and examines leading political and military figures, weapons, and tactics.* Provides readers with a thorough background on the wars of Afghanistan that allows them to understand the influence of past conflicts on current strife* Enables a more complete appreciation of the ethnic and religious complexities that fuel the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan* Examines how past Afghan conflicts contributed to the rise of terrorism and figures such as Osama bin Laden* Presents an accessible explanation of the Great Game for power and influence by imperial Russia and Great Britain in the 1800s and the impact of this contest on Afghanistan


Tom Lansford, PhD, is professor of political science at the University of Southern Mississippi, Long Beach, MS.




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