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Anthology of the Twentieth Century Chinese Prose, An: 2017

Ding, Fan
Sheng, Anfeng

978 3 662 45381 0
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Publication date:
7 December 2017

Full description: 

This collection of over seventy prose or essays by 20th century Chinese authors aims to open a new window to the complex and glamorous Chinese literati world during the long and tumultuous century. It includes great authors like Lu Xun, Zhou Zuoren, and Lao She, but it does not exclude those who might be less well-known yet with stunning talent and whose works have spread far and wide in the Chinese speaking world. One principle of the selecting is to foreground some distinctive features and characteristics of Chinese literature and Chinese culture, with a tentative aim to reconstruct and reform the canonical landscape of Chinese literature, at least as Chinese prose or essay is concerned. Many people, including literary critics, would acknowledge that Chinese prose and essay is a special genre of literature, nothing like the essay style familiar to Western readers. With its free style and unrestrained thinking, with its subtle expressiveness and penetrating depth, with its bold revealing of human emotions and feelings, the editors are sure that this collection will surprise the readers as well as please them.

Table of contents: 

Young China.- The True Meaning of Life.- Preface to Longshan menghen.- The Kite.- Autumn Night.- Wupeng Boat.- Wild Vegetables in My Hometown.- The Humorous Cries of Street Vendors.- My Mother.- Revisiting Beidai River.- The Dark Way.- Specialties in My Hometown: Lotus Roots and Chuncai.- Impressions of America.- Admiring Chrysanthemums in Shizilin Garden.- On China's Landscape Painting.- Travel Far, and Further.- Spring Days on Line Fishing Platform.- Lights on the Trestle.- Interviewing Hardy in an Afternoon.- I and Poetry.- Wordless Beauty.- A Corner of the Garden.- Autumn in a Foreign Land.- Compartment Society.- The Oar Sound and Light Shadow on Qinhuai River.- Homesick.- Guanqian Street Twilight.- Memories of Peking.- My Grandma.- Of Painting.- Knocking Tangerines.- Ashes.- A Fondness for Vision of Mountains.- Paradise of Birds.- Thoughts on 8th of March.- Beihai Travel.- Girl's Face Mold.- Spring Rain.- Hometown in My Dream.- Wild Lily.- Pine Torch.- Repicking Dream in Suzhou.- The Bridge.- Passing the Three Gorges in Early Winter.- Sleepless Night.- Essays of Peking: The Smell of Autumn.- The Growth Rhyme of Grapes.- The Miniascape-To the People of the Same Profession in Hang Zhou.- Mountain, Lake and Grassland.- Waterfall of Purple Wisteria.- The Law of Jungle.- Listen to the Chilly Rain.- About Loneliness .- The Tomb of Fragrant Princess.- Even the Tree Was Like So: In Memory of a Deceased Friend Named Wang Guoxiang.- A Eulogy of Einstein.- Kunes River of Melancholy.- The Backyard.- The Temple of Earth and I.- The Moon Trace.- The Moon in the Middle of the Sky.- In Love with Tonya.- Mochou, No Worries.- Music Influenced My Writing.- Things on the Earth.- A Village of One Person (Excerpts).- We Are So Close to and So Far from Each Other.- Every Girl is A Princess.- Streaks.





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