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Battle Beyond Kurukshetra: A Mahabharata Novel

Balakrishnan, P.K.
Jayalekshmy, P. K.

978 0 19 948016 6
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30.00 USD
21.99 GBP

Publication date:
25 January 2018


P.K. Balakrishnan was a journalist by profession. He took to writing only when a subject completely seized his interest. Each of the books he wrote is a class of its own. He has eleven books to his credit. His book 'Caste System and History of Kerala' on Kerala's social history was a path breaking work that completely changed the face of historical studies on Kerala. He had forayed into Kerala history long before for his books on Narayana Guru and Tippu Sultan. Most of his works are literary criticisms, each striking with its originality. This novel titled in Malayalam 'Ini Njan Uragnatte' was the second of his two novels and it turned out to be the most popular of his works. One of the best known works in the language; it won him accolades and most importantly, a place in the hearts of the people of Kerala. Jayalekshmy P.K. holds degrees in English, Management and qualifications in her career field of insurance. This book first transltion. Arts, traveling, wildlife and photography interests her. She has two elder brothers and is married to Prabhakaran, a banker and they have a son Avinash.




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