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Beyond Bali: Subaltern Citizens and Post-Colonial Intimacy

Dragojlovic, Ana

978 94 6298 064 8
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Publication date:
14 June 2016

Short description: 

This ethnography explores how Balinese citizens produce postcolonial intimacy-a complex interaction of claims to proximity and mutuality between themselves and the Dutch under colonialism that continues today.

Full description: 

Bali, post-colonial migrants, colonial heritage, citizenship, home and belonging

Table of contents: 

List of Illustrations[-]Forword[-]Preface[-]Acknowledgments[-]Introduction [-]Chapter 1 Kebalian, Long Distance Nationalism and the Balinese Left in Exile[-]Chapter 2 Balinese Post-Colonial Pedagogies and Contested Intimacies[-]Chapter 3 ?Shared Cultural Heritage? and the Visible and Invisible World Overseas[-]Chapter 4 ?A Balinese Colonial Drama without Balinese??: Interethnic Dynamics in Post-colonial Commemorations[-]Chapter 5 ?My Home is your Home?: the Possibilities, Challenges and Failures of Home Making[-]Anxieties About Marginality [-]Notes[-]Bibliography

Biography: target= _blank > Ana Dragojlovic is a lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is an anthropologist working at the intersections of mobility, post-colonial and critical race studies, feminist and queer theory, and masculinity studies. She is currently working on a project that focuses on therapy cultures, particularly as they related to historical violence with interests in affect, embodiment, and subjectivity. Her regional specialisation reflects her interest in diasporas and empires and includes Indonesia, the Netherlands, Dutch East-Indies and Afro-Asian connections (particularly in relation to the Afro-Caribbean).




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