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Broken Ladder, The: The Paradox and Potential of India's One-Billion

Krishna, Anirudh (Duke University, North Carolina)

978 1 108 23545 7
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30 August 2017

Short description: 

This book explains the paradox of India's rapid growth and widespread poverty by looking at hundreds of life stories and the latest research.

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Despite becoming a global economic force, why does India win so few Olympic medals and have so many people living in poverty? Why have opportunities not become available more broadly? How can growing individuals assist with the task of building a growing economy? Krishna presents a refreshingly unusual perspective of emergent realities, drawing on the stories of everyday lives, of people like you and me and those less privileged. Through decades-long investigations, living in villages and slum communities, the author presents eye-opening details of missed opportunities and immense untapped talent that can be harnessed, with tremendous consequences for equity and growth. Offering possible solutions for inequality and those in need, The Broken Ladder is a comprehensive and fascinating account of development strategies in a fast-growing, yet largely agrarian, developing economy.

Table of contents: 

1. Dollar economy and rupee economy; 2. Beyond 5-km villages; 3. Blue-polygon slums; 4. Preventing future poverty; 5. Plumbing a deep talent pool; 6. Attitudes, experiences, and information; 7. Democracy at the doorstep; 8. Looking ahead: growing the economy and developing individuals; Acknowledgments; Notes; Bibliography; Index.



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