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Call of the Wild, The: Adventures and near-misses in 1991 Afghanistan

Membrey, Graeme

978 1 925367 87 4
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9.95 GBP

Publication date:
1 August 2017

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Memoir of a military technical advisor's service in Afghanistan in 1991, working on mine disposal for the United Nations and recalling tense incidents and enthralling encounters.

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A memoir detailing the actions surrounding the author's service in Afghanistan as a technical adviser to an NGO of the United Nations de-mining programme throughout 1991. The book recalls riveting and at times frightening observations whilst also describing a variety of incidents and anecdotes emphasizing humour, fear and determination. The book presents an energetic and enthralling series of encounters with warlords, Mujahadeen fighters and hardy engineers and bomb disposal personnel during one year in the life of an Australian soldier, sent alone into the remote wilds of Afghanistan.


Born in Melbourne in 1958, Graeme Membrey holds a master's degree in risk, crisis & disaster management. Joining the Australian Army in 1980, he left at the rank of Major after 17 years of service. Since 1997, he has been employed with the United Nations as a senior security manager and is currently serving in Afghanistan.




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