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China and Southeast Asia: Historical Interactions

Wade, Geoff
Chin, James K. (University of Hong Kong)

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Publication date:
31 January 2018

Short description: 

Suitable for historians of China and Southeast Asia, this title offers information spanning the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries and examines maritime trading relations, political interactions, overland Chinese expansion and Chinese commerce in Southeast Asia.

Full description: 

Spanning the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries and examining maritime trading relations, political interactions, overland Chinese expansion and Chinese commerce in Southeast Asia, this book will appeal to historians of China and Southeast Asia.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction, Geoff Wade and James K. Chin Trading Relations 2. Hainan and Its International Trade: Ports, Merchants, Commodities (Song to Mid-Ming), Roderich Ptak 3. China in India: Porcelain Trade and Attitudes to Collecting in Early Islamic India, John Guy Political interactions in the Maritime Realm and Overland 4. Ming China and Southeast Asia: Relations in the 15th Century, Geoff Wade 5. The Portuguese Occupation of Malacca in 1511 and China's Response, Liao Dake 6. The Chinese Factor in the Shaping of Nguyen Rule in Southern Vietnam during the 17th & 18th Centuries, Danny Wong Tze-ken 7. King Taksin and China: Siam-Chinese Relations during the Thonburi Period as Seen from Chinese Sources, James K. Chin 8. Upland Peoples and the 1729 Qing Annexation of the Tai Polity of Sipsong Panna, Yunnan: Disintegration from the Periphery, Christian Daniels Chinese Commerce in Southeast Asia 9. The Rise of Chinese Mercantile Power in Maritime Southeast Asia, ca. 1400-1700, Chang Pin-tsun 10. Chinese Traders in the Malay Archipelago, 1680-1795, M. Radin Fernando 11. Cang hai sang tian: Chinese Communities in the 18th Century Mekong Delta, Li Tana China-Southeast Asian Interactions during the Age of European Imperialism 12. Shifting Categorisations of Chinese Migrants in Burma in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Michael W. Charney 13. Revenue Farming and the Chinese Economy of Colonial Southeast Asia, Carl Trocki 14. Towards a Geo-History of Asian Communism: The Case of Sino-Vietnamese Revolutionary Overlaps before Decolonisation, Chris Goscha


Geoff Wade, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. James K. Chin, University of Hong Kong.




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