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China - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Flower, Kathy

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9 February 2017

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Culture Smart! China puts the country into an historical context, explains deep-seated cultural attitudes, and guides the visitor through a maze of unfamiliar social situations. It will enable you to discover for yourself the warmth, intelligence, humor,

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For thousands of years, the Chinese believed that they had created a perfect social system. Dynasties came and went, but the essence of being Chinese remained more or less unchanged until the twentieth century. Following invasion by the Japanese, civil wa

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Brief History Politics - Economic Life Traditions - Friendships & Family Relationships Bureaucracy Religion Humour - Local Holidays Taboos Invitations Gifts Dress - Business etiquette - Punctuality & Appointments - Team working Commu


Kathy Flower has worked in France, Russia, and China as a BBC radio and TV producer, writer, teacher, and trainer. She lived in Beijing for two years and co-presented China's first ever English-language teaching series, Follow Me, on Chinese TV. The series ran every night for six years and she became known to millions of Chinese viewers as laoshi, or teacher. She has been back to China many times since and seen firsthand the extraordinary changes there.




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