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China Paradox, The

Clifford, Paul G.

978 1 5015 1574 3
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Publication date:
15 August 2017

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If your business has anything to do with China, you need to read this book. In The China Paradox, business strategist and historian Dr. Paul G. Clifford uses vivid examples from his deep experience in China to lay bare the delicate and fragile balance of forces which lie at the heart of China's success. He explains how, against all the odds, the ruling Communist Party boldly led the economic reforms as the surest way to preserve their grip on power. This flourishing of China's hybrid developmental model is placed firmly in the historical context, shedding light on the legacies that thwarted earlier attempts at change and which today still threaten to render the progress unsustainable. China is taking its place on the world economic stage, displaying business acumen and innovation. But flawed political governance, coupled with the downside of breakneck growth, hampers China's ability to realize its potential and casts a shadow over its longer-term prospects. This book is for anyone who needs to understand how China competes, anyone with business or other affairs in China, and anyone involved in foreign trade will benefit from this book.


Dr. Paul G. Clifford: President, P.G. Clifford & Assoc., LLC., Exec. Director, Dao Le Ge Environ. Protection Consulting, Beijing




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