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China's WTO Accession Reassessed

Luolin, Wang (China Development Research Foundation.)

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Publication date:
22 January 2018

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China's accession to the World Trade Organisation in 2001 was a highly significant event both for China and for the wider world. This book argues that, although at the time some people doubted the likely benefits, China's WTO accession has been highly successful. It discusses how China has abided by its commitment to WTO terms and how WTO membership has contributed to China's reform and opening up; explores how vastly increased co-operative exchange with many countries around the world has been mutually beneficial in a range of fields including trade, science and culture; and shows how China's WTO membership has been a great stimulus both for China's economy and the world economy. The book considers the subject from a number of perspectives, and draws out lessons for future reform and development for China, and for China's relations with the rest of the world, emphasising the need to maintain a win-win approach.

Table of contents: 

Preface Wang Luolin 1. Overview: Entry into the WTO: A Look Back Over the Past Ten Years and a Look Forward Long Guoqiang Part 1: China Ten Years after Joining the WTO 2. A Review of Economic Development since Joining the WTO, and a Look at Future Prospects Li Shantong et al 3. China's Accession to the WTO and Reform of China's Economic Structure Fan Hengshan 4. China's Accession to the WTO with Respect to Improving the Social Security System in the Country Wang Yanzhong and Shan Dasheng 5. China and Intellectual Property Rights since Joining the WTO Xue Lan and Mao Hao 6. China's Accession to the World Trade Organization and the Country's Industrial Development Lu Zheng 7. China's Agricultural Reform and Development after WTO Accession Cheng Guoqiang 8. Joining the WTO and Reform of China's Financial Industry Lian Ping et al 9. China's Energy Sector, since WTO Accession Feng Fei 10. Shanghai in the Decade since China's Accession to the WTO Wang Xinkui and Zhang Lei 11. Shenzhen: Ten Years after China's Entry into the WTO Zhang Jinsheng Part 2: Ten Years after Joining the WTO: China and the World 12. China's Foreign Trade since Joining the WTO Pei Changhong and Wang Hongmiao 13. Foreign Direct Investment in China, after Joining the WTO Zhang Xiaoji 14. China's Entry into the WTO and the Investment of Chinese Enterprises Overseas Zhang Yansheng 15. China's Entry into the WTO and Foreign-Project Contracting Huo Jianguo 16. China's Role in the WTO: `Opening up' as a Way to Push Forward Reforms and as a Way to Combat Trade Protectionism Lin Guijun and Tang Bi 17. China's Participation in Regional Economic Openness and Cooperation: A Review, Some Thoughts, and the Prospects Zhang Yunling 18. China and the Least Developed Countries: An Enquiry in the Trade Relationship during the Post-WTO Accession Period Debapriya Bhattacharya and Farzana Misha 19. China's 10 Years in the WTO: Sustaining Openness-Based Growth into the Future OECD


Wang Luolin is a famous Chinese economist. He was formerly Vice President of Xiamen University and Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He now serves as Director of the Trade Policy Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and also as adviser to China Development Research Foundation.




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