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Chinese Migrants in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe

Chang, Felix B. (University of Cincinnati College of Law, USA)
Rucker-Chang, Sunnie T. (Ohio State University, USA)

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22 January 2018

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Much of the former Soviet bloc has become a destination for new Chinese migrants. Throughout Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Chinese migrants are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, primarily as petty merchants of consumer goods in unsteady economies. This book situates these migrants within the broader context of Chinese globalization and China's economic rise. It traces the origins of Chinese migration into the region, as well as the conditions that have allowed migrants to thrive. Furthermore, it discusses the perception that Chinese globalization is purely economic and explores the relationship among petty merchants, labourers and institutional investors. Finally, by examining the movement of China's minorities into Central Asia, this book challenges the ethnic construct of new Chinese migration.

Table of contents: 

Introduction-Globalization Without Gravitas: Chinese Migrants in Transition Economies - Felix B. Chang Part I: Russia: A Centuries-Old Diaspora 1. Historical and Contemporary Trends of Chinese Labor Migration into Siberia - Vladimir Datsyshen 2. The Chinese Experience in Russia: Adaptation, Tolerance, Law and Politics - Alexander Larin 3. Perceptions of Chinese Migrants in The Russian Far East - Victor Larin Part II: Central Asia: The Multiethnic Dimensions of Chinese Migration 4. The Dynamics of Contemporary Chinese Expansion into Central Asia - Yelena Y. Sadovskaya 5. Patterns of Contermporary Chinese Migration Into Kazakhstan - Yelena Y. Sadovskaya Part III: Eastern Europe: Chinese Entrepreneurs at The Gates of the European Union 6. Myth and Migration: Zhejiangese Merchants in Serbia - Felix B. Chang 7. The Chinese Under Serbian Laws - Felix B. Chang 8. The Chinese and Their Competitors in Bulgaria - Anna Krasteva 9. Filmic Representations of The Chinese Presence in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia - Sunnie T. Rucker-Chang


Felix B. Chang teaches at University of Cincinnati College of Law, USA. Sunnie T. Rucker-Chang has taught at Ohio State University, University of Akron, Xavier University, and Northern Kentucky University, USA.




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