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Citizen Internees: A Second Look at Race and Citizenship in Japanese American Internment Camps

Ivey, Linda L.
Kaatz, Kevin W.

978 1 4408 3700 5
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Publication date:
27 March 2017

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Through a new collection of primary documents about Japanese internment during World War II, this book enables a broader understanding of the injustice experienced by displaced people within the United States in the 20th century.* Enables readers to see-through primary documents comprising letters written by the internees and banker J. Elmer Moorish in Redwood City, CA-how Japanese-American citizens who were interned during World War II handled their financial affairs* Analyzes the interactions between Japanese Americans and Anglo-Americans during a period of widespread xenophobia and racial tension in the United States* Helps readers to better understand the important issues of citizenship and race in America during and just after World War II* Reveals new information on the day-to-day lives of Japanese Americans while residing in internment camps located in various areas of the United States


Linda L. Ivey, PhD, is associate professor of history at California State University, East Bay.Kevin W. Kaatz, PhD, is assistant professor of history at California State University, East Bay.




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