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Contemporary Narratives of Dementia: Ethics, Ageing, Politics

Falcus, Sarah (University of Huddersfield, UK)
Sako, Katsura (Keio University, Japan)

978 1 317 20823 5
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Publication date:
19 February 2018

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This book examines narratives of dementia in contemporary literary texts, studying what is now a pressing issue with deep political, economic, and social implications for many ageing societies. The volume contributes to key critical and ethical debates in its analysis of some of the many literary narratives of dementia published in recent years, exploring ways of thinking, writing, and reading about dementia. As part of the increasing visibility of dementia in social and cultural life, these narratives pose ethical, aesthetic, and political questions about subjectivity, agency, and care that help us to interrogate the cultural discourse of dementia. This is a seminal book that offers a sustained examination of a wide range of literary narratives, from auto/biographies and mystery fiction, to children's books and comic books. The study takes account of the distinctive ways that different genres create meaning and are consumed within particular contexts. It also offers a comparative perspective as it examines narratives of dementia from Japan as well as North American and British texts. Building upon the strong interdisciplinary tradition in humanistic gerontology, the book brings together theoretical perspectives in the studies of ageing and the medical humanities with approaches developed in literary studies and feminist ethics. With its wide-reaching theoretical and critical scope, its comparative dimension, and its inclusion of multiple genres, this book is important for scholars engaging with studies of ageing in diverse disciplines.

Table of contents: 

Introduction 1. Dementia and Narratives of Detection 2. Generational Time: Storytelling, Family and Inheritance 3. On the Inside: Time, Narrative and Life with Dementia 4. A Story of One's Own: Auto/Biographies of Dementia 5. Dementia and Children's Picture Books Conclusion


Sarah Falcus is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Huddersfield, UK. Katsura Sako is Associate Professor of English at Keio University, Japan.



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