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Corporate Social Responsibility and Development in Pakistan

Malik, Nadeem (University of Melbourne, Australia)

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Publication date:
12 January 2018

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has not only become an important concept for corporate organizations but also civil society, community, state and the multilateral and bilateral development agencies. It has acquired great significance in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, not only in the advanced economies, but also in emerging and developing countries. In contemporary Pakistan problems of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and human rights violations are frequent. These problems cannot be dealt with by the state and civil society alone and call for corporate involvement. Backed by rich empirical data, based on extensive fieldwork and complemented with the official data sources, this book offers a detailed analysis of the socially responsible corporate policies and practices of companies operating in the emerging economy of Pakistan. Employing qualitative and quantitative research methods, it examines the sensitivity of companies in Pakistan to CSR measured in terms of their policies and perceptions about CRS, their CSR development activities, perceptions about development Non-Governmental Organisations, and channels and forms of support for development projects(both monetary and non-monetary). Filling a significant gap in our understanding of an important part of contemporary Pakistan's development and the outlook of companies towards CSR, the book will be of interest to policymakers and scholars working in the fields of Development Studies, Business Studies and Asian Studies.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. CSR and Development: How the two Concepts Evolved? 3. State of Development in Pakistan 4. Industrial Development, Management Culture and CSR in Pakistan 5. Government Regulations on CSR in Pakistan 6. Perceptions and Motivations of the Indigenous Corporate Sector for CSR in Pakistan 7. CSR Policies and Practices 8. Channels and Forms of Support 9. Overall Conclusions


Nadeem Malik is the Director of Master of Development Studies Program, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include governance and decentralization, civil society, corporate social responsibility and development. He is the author of Citizens and Governance in Pakistan: the analysis of people's voice.




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