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Cotton & Indigo from Japan

Duryea Wong, Teresa

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Publication date:
28 August 2017

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More than 300 colorful photos and behind-the-scenes details reveal the fascinating story of Japans cotton and indigo, and their enormous contribution to fiber arts worldwide. Learn how Japan and its top fabric designers, quilters, scientists, and artists combinetradition and high tech to weave the thread, fabrics, and stunningdesigns that are so coveted in todays fiber art world. Take a tour of Japans elite textile printing mills to understand why Japan is considered the worlds finest producer of quilting cotton. Learn where all this cotton comes from, and its close connection to another prized plant, indigo. Dozens of beautiful fabric designs and quilts by Shizuko Kuroha, Keiko Goke, Yoshiko Jinzenji, Yoko Saito, and others are featured, as well as cotton and indigo folk textiles through the ages. This journey gives a deeper understanding of the connection between contemporary textile art and Japans cotton, indigo, and traditions.


Teresa Duryea Wong made her first quilt in 1996 and has been quilting ever since. She holds a Master of Liberal Studies degree from Rice University and was honored by the Bybee Foundation and the Texas Quilt Museum for her research on Japanese quilts.



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