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Crags and Ravines Make a Marvellous View: A Study of Wu Bin's Unique 17th Century Scroll Painting Ten Views of a Lingbi Rock

Flacks, Marcus
Lynn, Richard John

978 1 909631 19 9
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Publication date:
15 January 2019

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Shortly before the autumn of 1610 the renowned Ming dynasty official, painter, writer, and collector Mi Wanzhong (1570 1628) purchased a scholar's rock to add to his already famous collection. So mesmerized was he by this newly purchased wonder, which was said to eclipse all others he owned, that he commissioned his friend and artistic mentor Wu Bin (c. 1568 1621) to paint a scroll showing ten views of this fantastic rock. The result was a monumental scroll, more than thirty feet long, of such grandeur and originality that it is considered one of the most important Chinese paintings and a milestone in the revered Chinese tradition of rock collecting. Crags and Ravines Make a Marvellous View celebrates Wu Bin's monumental work through a combination of scholarly essays, translations, and reproductions. In keeping with the spirit of the Rasika imprint, this beautiful book invites both the scholar and the curious amateur to contemplate and enjoy an exceptional work of art.


Marcus Flacks is a collector of and dealer in ancient Chinese furniture, scholar's rocks, and scholar's objects and the author of three books on these subjects. Stephen Little is the Florence and Harry Sloan Curator of Chinese Art and head of the Chinese & Korean Art Departments at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Zhu Liangzhi is professor of philosophy and aesthetics at Peking University. Richard John Lynn is professor emeritus of Chinese thought and literature at the University of Toronto.



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