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Crisis and Conflict in Han China, 104 BC to AD 9

Loewe, Michael

978 1 138 31658 4
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18 September 2018

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This book, first published in 1974, studies the historical development of China during the Western Han dynasty (202 BC-AD 9), a time of great intellectual, religious and political change. The struggle between Reformists and Modernists is analysed using texts contemporary to the time, and this struggle was a key point in Chinese history, leading as it did to enormous change, including to economics and foreign policy.

Table of contents: 

1. The Grand Beginning - 104 BC 2. The Case of Witchcraft in 91 BC 3. The Grand Inquest - 81 BC 4. The Fall of the House of Huo - 68-66 BC 5. K'uang Heng and the Reform of Religious Practices - 31 BC 6. The Office of Music - c. 114-7 BC 7. The Punishment of Chih-Chih - 36 BC 8. The Reign of Ai ti - 7-1 BC 9. The Support for Wang Mang - AD 9


Michael Arthur Nathan Loewe is a British Sinologist, historian, and writer who has authored dozens of books, articles, and other publications in the fields of Classical Chinese and ancient Chinese history.




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