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Crossing Borders: Essays on Literature, Culture, and Society in Honor of Amritjit Singh

Basu, Tapan
Shahnaaz, Tasneem

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Publication date:
4 May 2017

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Crossing Borders engages with the emergent field of borders studies, particularly in relation to North America, South Asia, and the transnational spaces they continue to embrace. While multicultural theory tends to emphasize specific and individual cultures, border studies examines the intersection of cultures and the resulting effects.

Full description: 

Crossing Borders is a gathering of twenty original, interdisciplinary essays on the paradigm of borders in African American literature, multi-ethnic U.S. studies, and South Asian studies. These essays by established and mid-career scholars from around the globe employ a variety of approaches to the idea of border crossings and represent important contributions to the discourses on modernity, diasporic mobility, populism, migration, exile, sub-nation, trans-nation, as well as the formation of nationalities, communities, and identities. Borders, in these contexts, signify social and national inequities and hierarchies and also the ways to challenge and transgress entrenched barriers sanctioned by habit, custom, and law. The volume also honors and celebrates the life and work of Amritjit Singh as a teacher, mentor, author, scholar, and editor over half a century.

Table of contents: 

Preface Introduction Tapan Basu and Tasneem Shahnaaz Part I: Multiculturalism and Its Discontents 1 Out of Line: Shifting Border Paradigms in Cooper, Morrison, and Yamashita Silvia Schultermandl 2 Wave or Particle?: Crossing Borders in Ruth Ozeki's novel A Tale for the Time Being (2013) Peter Schmidt 3 Translating across the Borders: Sui Sin Far and Other Interethnic/Interstitial Asian American Subjects Martha J. Cutter 4 Dancing with Italians: Chicago's Italians in Fact, and in the Fiction of Willard Motley Fred Gardaphe Part II: Nation and Sub-Nation 5 Creating Kashmir: Gender, Politics, and Violence in Meena Arora Nayak's Endless Rain Robin E. Field 6 Drawing the Durand Line: Pakistani Afghans, Borders, and Transnational Insecurity Zubeda Jalalzai 7 Teaching Giovanni's Room in the Shadow of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Denaturalizing Privilege Catherine Rottenberg Part III: Diaspora and Trans-Nation 8 Diasporic Subjectivity: Dhan Gopal Mukerji's Caste and Outcast and Sadhu Singh Dhami's Maluka Nalini Iyer 9 A Partition without Borders: Diasporic Readings of Clear Light of Day and Train to Pakistan Rahul K. Gairola 10 Caste, Race, and Intellectual History: Notes on a Singular Modernity Auritro Majumder Part IV: Gendered Identities 11 Jessie Fauset and the Historiography of the Harlem Renaissance Cheryl A. Wall 12 Space and the Shape of a Life: Placing Nella Larsen Thadious M. Davis 13 The Sexual Commodities, Racial Economies, and Critical Oversights of Felice Swados's House of Fury Ayesha K. Hardison Part V: Art: Between the Popular and the Populist 14 Langston Hughes and the Challenges of Populist Art Arnold Rampersad 15 Orality, History, and Narration: The Aesthetics of Listening Jasbir Jain 16 Romare Bearden's Li'l Dan the Drummer Boy: Coloring a Story of the Civil War Robert B. Stepto Part VI: Journeys across Art and Life 17 Heritage in America: A Literary Stroll Werner Sollors 18 What Is Ralph Ellison All About?: A Retrospective View Charles Johnson 19 Writing across Borders: Race and Gender in Elleke Boehmer's Fiction Lynda Ng 20 A Native Son Abroad: A Conversation with Amritjit Singh Nibir K. Ghosh Epilogue: Amritjit Singh: Reflections and Stories Rajiva Verma, Ved Prakash, Houston A. Baker, Roshni Rustomji-Kerns, K. D. Verma, David Ray, Judy Ray, Meena Alexander, J. N. Sharma, Sachidananda Mohanty, Pradyumna S. Chauhan, Malashri Lal, Sudhi Rajiv, Tapan Basu, Daniel M. Scott, Joseph A. Conforti, Richard Olmstead, Barbara A. Silliman, Zubeda Jalalzai, Gert Buelens, Robert Elliot Fox, Bruce Dick, C. Lok Chua, Wendy Barker, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, John C. Hawley, Shauna Singh Baldwin, Samina Najmi, Rajini Srikanth, Nita N. Kumar, Altaf Ullah Khan, Marsha L. Dutton, Vladimir Marchenkov, Richard A. Courage, Heba Sharobeem and Ira Dworkin Index About the Editors and Contributors


Tapan Basu is associate professor in the Department of English at the University of Delhi. Tasneem Shahnaaz is associate professor in the Department of English, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi.



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