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Emerging Industrial Relations of China, The

Brown, William (University of Cambridge)
Kai, Chang (Renmin University of China, Beijing)

978 1 316 33522 2
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30 August 2017

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An authoritative and accessible account by insiders of the tumultuous changes in the contemporary labour relations of China.

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Labour relations are at the heart of China's extraordinary economic rise. This growth, accompanied by internal migration, urbanisation and rising income have brought a dramatic increase in the aspirations of workers, forcing the Chinese government to restructure its relationships with both employers and workers. In order to resolve disputes and manage workplace militancy, the once monolithic official trade union is becoming more flexible, internally. No longer able to rely on government support in dealing with worker unrest, employers are rapidly forming organisations of their own. In this book, a new generation of Chinese scholars provide analyses of six distinct aspects of these developments. They are set in the broader context by the leading authority on Chinese labour law and two western specialists in comparative labour relations. The result is a comprehensive study for scholars and graduate students working in Chinese industrial relations, comparative labour law, human resource management, NGOs and international labour organisations.

Table of contents: 

1. What should we be looking for in industrial relations in China? William Brown; 2. The transition to collective labour relations Chang Kai and William Brown; 3. The two forms of labour movement Chang Kai; 4. The response of trade unions to market pressures Chang Cheng; 5. Employer strategies in collective labour relations Wen Xiaoyi; 6. The changing role of government towards labour Tu Wei; 7. The development of collective consultation Lei Xiaotian; 8. The challenges faced by employee participation Zhan Jing; 9. Strikes: rights and resolution Meng Quan; 10. Going to market: comparing labour relations reform in China, Russia and Vietnam Tim Pringle; 11. Conclusion William Brown and Chang Kai.




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