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EU, US and China Tackling Climate Change, The: An Alliance for the Anthropocene

Kalantzakos, Sophia

978 1 315 29886 3
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Publication date:
29 June 2017

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The feeling of optimism that followed the COP 21 Paris Conference on Climate Change requires concrete action and steadfast commitment to a process that raises a number of crucial challenges: technological, political, social, and economic. As climate change worsens, new robust leadership is imperative. The EU, US and China Tackling Climate Change examines why a close collaboration between the EU and China may result in the necessary impetus to solidify a vision and a roadmap for our common future in the Anthropocene. Kalantzakos introduces a novel perspective and narrative on climate action leadership through an analysis of international relations. She argues that a close EU-China collaboration, which does not carry the baggage of an imbedded competition for supremacy, may best help the global community move towards a low carbon future and navigate the new challenges of the Anthropocene. Overall, Kalantzakos demonstrates how Europe and China, already strategic partners, can exercise global leadership in an area of crucial common interest through their web of relations, substantial development aid, and the use of soft power tools throughout the developing world. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental politics, international relations, climate change and energy law and policy.

Table of contents: 

Introduction Chapter 1: The US: Still reluctant and unreliable Chapter 2: The European Union: A hopeful paradigm Chapter 3: China: Lessons from an unsustainable growth model spur change Chapter 4: US-China: Rivalry trumps partnership in the Anthropocene Chapter 5: What makes EU-China collaboration a better fit for the Anthropocene Chapter 6: Networks of states to spur hope and change


Sophia Kalantzakos is Global Distinguished Professor in Environmental Studies and Public Policy at New York University, USA/Abu Dhabi.



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