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Fast Food Globalization in the Provincial Philippines

Matejowsky, Ty

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20 December 2017

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Ty Matejowsky examines the rise and popularity of corporate fast food in the provincial Philippines from an anthropological perspective. Based on more than 20 years of ethnographic fieldwork, he shows how this global restaurant format has been indigenized and reimagined by native entrepreneurs and everyday diners into something distinctly Filipino.

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Few contemporary societies remain beyond the global reach of today's fast food industry. In both profound and subtle ways, this style of cuisine and the corporate brands that promote it have effectively transformed the appetites, health profiles, and consumer sensibilities of millions the world over. To better understand the variegated impact of McDonald's and other national and international quick-service eateries on local life within a non-western urban context, Ty Matejowsky offers readers a highly engaging and granular account detailing the rise and popularity of these American-style chains throughout the Philippines. In Fast Food Globalization in the Provincial Philippines, Matejowsky examines the rich, diverse, and decidedly syncretic food traditions of the Philippines, one of the few global markets where industry giant McDonald's lags behind in competition with an indigenous chain. Drawing on over twenty years of ethnographic fieldwork in two provincial Philippine cities--Dagupan City, Pangasinan and San Fernando City, La Union--Matejowsky has crafted one of the few anthropological accounts of fast food production and consumption within the socioeconomic milieu of a less-developed country. By turns critically engaged and highly reflexive, he examines many of the historical, political, economic, and sociocultural complexities that characterize the Philippines' now thriving fast food scene. Amid intersections of post-colonial resistance, retail indigenization, corporatized childhood experiences, and rising globesity, Matejowsky considers the myriad ways this seemingly ubiquitous dining format is reimagined by industry players and everyday Filipinos to create something that is both intimately familiar and entirely new.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1: Fast Food as Global Metaphor: Sociocultural Perspectives on Fast Food Globalization 1970s-2010s Chapter 2: Of Burgers and Bees: Corporate Fast Food in the Philippines 1980s-2010s Chapter 3: A Tale of Two Local Fast Food Scenes: Corporate Fast Food in Dagupan City, Pangasinan and San Fernando City, La Union 1980s-2010s Chapter 4: The Young and the Hungry: Fast Food and Children 2000s-2010s Chapter 5: Jollibesity? Intersections of Fast Food, Health, Nutrition, and Obesity 2000s-2010s


Ty Matejowsky is associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Central Florida.




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