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Freedom of Information Reform in China: Information Flow Analysis

Xiao, Weibing (Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, China)

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Publication date:
22 January 2018

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Freedom of Information (FOI) in China is often perceived as a recent and intriguing phenomenon. This book presents a more complex and detailed understanding of the evolution of FOI in China, using information flow analysis to explore the gradual development of government receptivity to FOI in an information environment through time. The book argues that it is necessary to reassess the widely divergent origins of FOI reform in China, and asserts that social, political and legal factors should have central roles in understanding the development of FOI in China. The book uses information flow analysis to find that FOI reform in China formed part of a much longer process of increased transparency in the Chinese information environment, which gradually shifted from the acceptance of proactive disclosure to that of reactive disclosure. FOI thus has become a beneficiary of this gradual transformation of the Chinese information environment.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Information Flow as an Analytical Device for FOI Research 3. The Improved Information Environment as a Rationale for FOI Reform in China 4. Democratization as a Rationale for FOI Reform in China 5. Law-Based Administration as a Rationale for FOI Reform in China 6. Reassessment of Economic Growth and Anti-Corruption Efforts as Rationales for FOI Reform in China 7. Gradual Legislative Process for FOI Reform in China 8. China's Limited Push Model of FOI Legislation 9. Compliance with Proactive Disclosure Requirements in Practice 10. Non Compliance with Reactive Disclosure Requirements in Practice 11. Information Flow Analysis Improving FOI Theoretical Development


Weibing Xiao is Associate Professor of Law, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, China.



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