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Gun Smoke Still Lingers, The: A Memoir Through India, Jordan and Beyond

O'Neill, Ann

978 1 908531 82 7
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12.50 GBP

Publication date:
28 September 2017

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A beautiful and engaging memoir through India, Jordan and beyond...

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Ann O'Neil belongs to a group of people, now rapidly vanishing, whose accidents of birth and background, have given them a view of the world with its extraordinary variety of histories and traditions, which is at once compassionate, informed and yet firmly rooted in an Englishness we can still recognise. So when she decided to compose a book of her life, from its early beginnings in a pre-independent Indian subcontinent through her many travels and long experience of the Middle East, it would be clear we would have a remarkable book to enjoy - fresh, observant, warm-hearted, and passionate. For this is not just a personal history; it is (if one is prepared to engage with its panoramas of peoples and places) a plea for a way of living in the world of which we may all too soon lose sight - a respect for diversity, a dedication to the fragile wonders of the natural world, and a conviction that each human life, wherever formed, has a value that must be treasured.


Ann O'Neill was raised in India and travelled widely before settling in Jordan, where she lives today. She has enjoyed a long career in the media, and is a passionate lover of nature.




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