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HDB Homes of Singapore

Miyauchi, Tomohisa

978 981 11 2286 6
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1 August 2017

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A look at how Singapore's diverse population lives using photos of the interiors of their affordable housing - Singapore's Housing and Development Board apartments.

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The culmination of a three-year-long project by three Japanese art and architecture professionals living in Singapore, HDB: Homes of Singapore showcases how Singapore's diverse population lives and celebrates their varied cultures through photographs of the interiors of their HDBs - flats purchased from Singapore's Housing and Development Board, which are affordable, popular housing option for most Singaporeans. In addition to a behind-the-door look into people's households, the book provides insight not just into the lives of Singaporeans, but also into the reality of living in a distinctive HDB flat and how real people have put their personal marks on them and turned them into homes, providing inspiration for anyone looking for home decor and storage solutions.


Tomohisa Miyauchi is an award-winning first-class architect (Japan, AIA) and senior lecturer at the National University of Singapore's department of architecture.Keyakismos is the husband-wife duo of Eitaro Ogawa, a fine art printer, and Tamae Iwasaki, an art educator. They hail from Japan and currently reside in Singapore.




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