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Human Capital Management Challenges in India

Raghavan, Ram (TALENGENE, UK)

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Publication date:
30 October 2017

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Human Capital Management Challenges in India focuses on the Indian talent pool and identifies why companies are finding it difficult to identify, recruit, reward and retain talent. It provides an insight as to why companies find it difficult to retain talent by questioning certain fundamental assumptions held by organisations, such as the role of Human Resources. Human capital management has become a critical issue across the globe. Even in a land of billion people, identifying the right talent, training them and retaining them has become an uphill task. The book also looks at the talent pool available and demonstrates why companies have to alter their strategies to retain this talent pool. Finally, the book will provide a practical and simple approach to the human capital agenda.

Table of contents: 

List of Figures List of useful websites Foreword About the author Chapter 1: Introduction Abstract: The changing nature of human capital Chapter 2: The fundamental shift Abstract: Land of a billion opportunities Employability Challenges Chapter 3: Is it strategic? Abstract: Employees are not your assets Work-life balance Engagement The connected talent Chapter 4: Practical HR Abstract: Whose agenda is it? Ill-equipped or unprepared? Why should it be everyone's agenda? Earn respect Chapter 5: Introduction to practical HR Abstract: Practical HR Value addition and value protection Outsource or retain Stress and 'toxic' behaviours Three-dimensional approach to measurement Train, retrain, retain A new breed Chapter 6: Strategies to manage talent Abstract: ERM - employee relationship management Knowledge mapping Talent benchmarking The three Rs - recognition, retention and reward Chapter 7: Talent pool Abstract: Generation X Generation Y Chapter 8: Conclusion Abstract: Appendix References Web References Index


Dr Ram Raghavan holds a PhD. in Human Capital Management from Manchester Business School, where he was awarded the Centrica Scholarship during his studies. Prior to this he earned a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and completed his MBA with a focus on strategy specialisation, also from Manchester Business School. Dr. Raghavan brings over 10 years of industry experience from India, managing a biomedical instruments business, and served as the Strategic Insight Manager for the CEO at Heidrick and Struggles. He is currently establishing a talent management organisation - TALENGENE. Consultation contracts include many major firms such as Lloyds Business Banking, Boots plc. NHS Nottingham and the British Council.



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