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India After Gandhi

Guha, Ramachandra

978 1 4472 8188 7
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Publication date:
13 July 2017

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Born against a background of privation and civil war, divided along lines of caste, class, language and religion, independent India emerged, somehow, as a united and democratic country. Ramachandra Guha's hugely acclaimed book tells the full story - the pain and the struggle, the humiliations and the glories - of the world's largest and least likely democracy. While India is sometimes the most exasperating country in the world, it is also the most interesting. Ramachandra Guha writes compellingly of the myriad protests and conflicts that have peppered the history of free India. Moving between history and biography, the story of modern India is peopled with extraordinary characters. Guha gives fresh insights on the lives and public careers of those longserving Prime Ministers, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. But the book also writes with feeling and sensitivity about lesser known (though not necessarily less important) Indians - peasants, tribals, women, workers and musicians. Massively researched and elegantly written, India After Gandhi is a remarkable account of India's rebirth, and a work already hailed as a masterpiece of single volume history. This tenth anniversary edition, published to coincide with seventy years of India's independence, is revised and expanded to bring the narrative up to the present.


Ramachandra Guha has taught at Yale, Stanford, Oslo, and the Indian Institute of Science. His other books include A Corner of a Foreign Field and Environmentalism: A Global History. His awards include the UK Cricket Society's Literary Award and the Leopold-Hidy Prize of the American Society of Environmental History. In May 2008, Prospect and Foreign Policymagazines nominated Guha as one of the world's one hundred most influential intellectuals. In 2009, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan for services to literature and education.




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