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Influence of National Culture on Customers' Cross-Buying Intentions in Asian Banking Services, The: Evidence from Korea and Taiwan

Hong, Jung Kee
Lee, You-Il

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Publication date:
13 April 2017

Full description: 

The traditional walls between banking, insurance and securities markets are breaking down as a result of deregulation and liberalization of financial services. The cross-buying of financial services has become a global trend as a part of the convergence of financial services. This trend has recently commenced in East Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Korea, where the tremendous growth of these activities has been noticed. The book explores what the determinants of this growth in East Asia, particularly in Korea and Taiwan are, and how these determinants influence differently to the customers of these two countries when compared with the studies conducted on other countries (e.g. Europe and North America). The book opens the view on the subject of customers' behavioral intentions of cross-buying banking services in East Asian countries, especially from a cross-cultural perspective and empirically tested findings help marketing personnel in financial institutions, marketing practitioners' in banks and researchers of financial services and marketing, understanding on East Asia such as Taiwan and Korea, where the tremendous growth of these activities has been noticed in recent years.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Review of Literature 3. Conceptual Model and Methodology 4. Data Collection and Analysis 5. Discussion and Future Studies 6. Conclusion


Dr. Jung Kee Hong is an active contributor and researcher in the field of international business with focal interest of cross-cultural management, global consumer dynamics, marketing innovation and strategies, and entrepreneurship in different cultures. As a practitioner, he has produced various reports on customer behaviours and strategic positioning for multinational financial service companies, based on his 15 years experiences of working in the international financial services arena in New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore. Dr You-il Lee is Associate Professor in International Business and Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business leading the research on Globalization and Asian Capitalism in the International Graduate School of Business at University of South Australia. Professor Lee is a political economist, working on socio-economic and political changes and dynamics of globalization/regional integration in Northeast Asia. He has published widely in leading journals in the areas of Asian Studies, Asian business management and Asian political economy. Professor Lee is currently completing a research book, The Impact of Foreign Multinational Corporations in South Korea: Evolution, Dynamics and Contradictions (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar).




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