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Integrating South and East Asia: Economics of Regional Cooperation and Development

Menon, Jayant
Srinivasan, T. N.

978 0 19 947412 7
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Publication date:
22 February 2018

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Fueled by domestic economic reforms, regional production networks, and bilateral and regional-level initiatives, cooperation and integration between South and East Asia has been steadily growing since 1990s. This book establishes that if such initiatives succeed, they will have the potential to revive economic ties between the two sub-regions, helping them grow to dominate global trade.

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Economic ties between South and East Asia can be traced back to the time of the ancient Silk Road. In the recent past, these sub-regions have made great progress towards reviving close economic links among their countries, fuelled by domestic reforms and emergence of regional production networks. More recently, bilateral and regional-level initiatives have also largely enhanced integration. If such initiatives succeed, could these sub-regions grow to dominate global trade? This book evaluates the economic implications of increasing cooperation between the two regions, providing empirical analyses for informed policy decisions and improved outcomes. Exploring the role of market forces as well as domestic and regional policies, it examines how integration helps in spurring inclusive economic development in small economies. It also focuses on the prospects for India's integration with East Asia, elaborating on its role as the biggest driver of integration in the sub-region.

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Jayant Menon is Lead Economist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Philippines, where he works on trade, international investment, and development issues, and leads the Trade Team. T.N. Srinivasan is Samuel C. Park, Jr. Professor of Economics Emeritus and Professor Emeritus in International and Area Studies at Yale University. He is a Distinguished Professor (201419) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.



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