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Japanese Adult Videos in Taiwan

Wong, Heung Wah
Yau, Hoi-Yan

978 1 138 48174 9
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Publication date:
22 January 2018

Full description: 

This book explores the debate between those who argue that globalisation is leading to worldwide cultural homogeneity, with American cultural good predominating, and those who argue that cultural goods are always adapted and contextualised in the particular setting in which they are used. Based on extensive original research on how Japanese adult videos are consumed in Taiwan, it presents a rich picture of how Japanese adult videos are transformed into something Taiwanese, and how they are incorporated into both male and female Taiwanese sexual culture.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Adult Videos as Japanese Cultural Product and Japanese Pornography 3. Japanese Adult Videos Coming to Taiwan 4. From Japanese AVs to Taiwanese A-pian: The (Re)production of Japanese AVs in Taiwan 5. From Japanese AVs to Chinese Gifts: The Circulation of Japanese AVs in Taiwan 6. The Taste of Taiwanese Men and Women for Pornography 7. The Instrumental Interests of Japanese AVs to Individual Taiwanese Men 8. The Instrumental Interests of Pornography to Individual Taiwanese Women 9. Conclusion


Wong Heung-Wah is Programme Director of Global Creative Industries at The University of Hong Kong. Yau Hoi-yan is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Tsukuba, Japan




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