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Land cover atlas of Pakistan: the Punjab Province, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and federally administered tribal areas

Food and Agriculture Organization

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30 September 2017

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Provides a comprehensive description of the biotic and abiotic resources of the province and includes numerous categories of cultivated land; natural vegetation and non-vegetated areas including bare and rocky areas, and areas of human settlement. The LCCS approach also captures the physiographic characteristics of the region.

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The Government of Pakistan, with support from its cooperating partners, has initiated a comprehensive program to address the improvement in agricultural statistical reporting utilizing auxiliary data from Earth Observation satellites. The project: Agricultural Information System - Building Provincial Capacity in Pakistan for Crop Estimation, Forecasting, and Reporting based on the integral use of Remotely Sensed Data; GCP/ PAK/125/USA focuses on enhancing and improving current systems based the integral use of remotely sensed data into the existing data collection, analysis, and dissemination systems; as well as the development of complementary systems to validate the use of satellite remotely-sensed data for area estimation and yield forecasting



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