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Law and Religious Market Theory, The: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Chen, Jianlin (University of Melbourne)

978 1 316 75608 9
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30 September 2017

Short description: 

A fresh descriptive and normative perspective on law and religion supported by comparative case studies of Greater China.

Full description: 

With comparative case studies from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Jianlin Chen's new work offers a fresh, descriptive and normative perspective on law and religion. This presentation of the original law and religious market theory employs an interdisciplinary approach that sheds light on this subject for scholars in legal and sociological disciplines. It sets out the precise nature of religious competition envisaged by the current legal regimes in the three jurisdictions and analyses how certain restrictions on religious practices may facilitate normatively desirable market dynamics. This updated and invaluable resource provides a new and insightful investigation into this fascinating area of law and religion in Greater China today.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction; 2. The law and religious market theory; 3. China; 4. Taiwan; 5. Hong Kong; 6. Articulating the normative benchmark; 7. Means and ways; 8. Political participation and democratic reform; 9. Conclusion and epilogue: same, same but different?




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