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Law and Society in Malaysia: Pluralism, Religion and Ethnicity

Harding, Andrew (Andrew Harding, National University of Singapore)
Shah, Dian A. H.

978 1 351 35766 1
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Publication date:
13 December 2017

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This book provides a systematic and interdisciplinary examination of law and legal institutions in Malaysia. It examines legal issues from historical, social, and political perspectives, and discusses the role of law in relation to Malaysian multiculturalism, religion, politics, and society. It shows how the Malaysian legal system is at the heart of debates about how to deal with the country's problems, which include ethnic and religious divisions, uneven and unsustainable development, and political authoritarianism; and it argues that the Malaysian legal system has much to teach other plural polities, nations within the common law tradition, and federal states.

Table of contents: 

Editorial Thread No.1 Chapter 1: The Creation of Greater Malaysia: Law, Politics, Ethnicity, and Religion Kevin Y.L. Tan Editorial Thread No.2 Chapter 2: Malaysia's Blocked Social Contract Debate Rueban Ratna Balasubramaniam Editorial Thread No.3 Chapter 3: Dimensions of Ketuanan Melayu in the Malaysian Constitutional Framework Wilson T.V. Tay Editorial Thread No.4 Chapter 4: `Nazrinian' Monarchy in Malaysia: The Resilience and Revival of a Traditional Institution Andrew Harding Editorial Thread No.5 Chapter 5: The Particular in the Universal: Negotiating the Right to Education and Cultural-Linguistic Rights of Minority Children in East Malaysia Jaclyn L.C. Neo Editorial Thread No.6 Chapter 6: `Legal Pluralism' in Malaysia: The Case of Iban Native Customary Rights in Sarawak Yogeswaran Subramaniam Editorial Thread No.7 Chapter 7: Religion, Conversions, and Custody: Battles in the Malaysian Appellate Courts Dian A.H. Shah Editorial Thread No.8 Chapter 8: The Rise of Islamic Sexual Morality and State Power in Malaysia Tan Beng Hui Editorial Thread No.9 Chapter 9: Justice and Enforcement Agencies Personnel in Malaysia and their Views about Domestic Violence, Marriage and Religion Noraida Endut and Intan Hashimah Mohamed Hashim Editorial Thread No.10 Chapter 10: Political and Religious Hegemony via the Suppression of Expression: Book Banning and Film Censorship in Malaysia Azmi Sharom and Saw Tiong Guan


Andrew Harding is a Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. Dian A. H. Shah is a research fellow at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS), National University of Singapore, and a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia.




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