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Leadership of Chinese Private Enterprises: Insights from Interviews

Anne S. Tsui,
Yingying Zhang, and
Xiao-Ping Chen

978 1 137 40233 2
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Publication date:
1 February 2017

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This original book presents in-depth research into thirteen successful Chinese private enterprises through interviews with their founder-entrepreneurs. While Chinese economic growth has focused primarily on governmental policies and institutional factors, Leadership of Chinese Private Enterprises proposes that the success of these firms was primarily due to the 'visible hands' of these entrepreneurs. The authors present insights into the managerial realities of four separate industries- Financial and insurance, IT and e-commerce, construction and real estate, and consumer goods. Through a critical evaluation of interviews, this book identifies the managerial recipe for entrepreneurial success in competitive and inhospitable environments and offers a model of private firm leadership and leadership principles that guide their strategies and relationships.

Table of contents: 

Entrepreneurship in the Turbulent Sea of Chinese Economic Reform.- Chapter 1: Chinese Private Enterprises: Evolution and Challenges for Leadership.- Chapter 2: Leadership Insights from Published Studies on Chinese Top Executives.- Leaders in Financial Services Industry.- Chapter 3: Building a Company with Teamwork and Cooperation, Diversity and Unity - Xinjun Liang of Fosun Group.- Chapter 4: Learning About Wars When Fighting in Wars - Dongsheng Chen of Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd.- Chapter 5: Changing with Your Needs, Changing with the Situation - Weihua Ma of China Merchants Bank.- Leaders in Information Technology and E-Commerce Industry.- Chapter 6: If You Do Business for Money, You Might Not Be Able to Make Money - Jiren Liu of Neusoft Corporation.- Chapter 7: Building Lenovo into a Family Business without Kinship - Chuanzhi Liu of The Lenovo Group.- Chapter 8: Let Employees Work for Themselves - Fansheng Guo of Chapter 9: Corporate Cultural Value System is the Lifeline of Alibaba - Jack Ma of The Alibaba Group.- Leaders in Construction and Real Estate Industry.- Chapter 10: Successful Business through Moral Conduct and Integrity - Lun Feng of Beijing Vantone Holdings Co. Ltd..- Chapter 11: Managing with Simplicity, Transparency, System and Responsibility - Shi Wang of Vanke Group.- Chapter 12: Providing the Best Products, Treating Employees well, and Working for the Public Good - Shengzhe Nie of Tecsun.- Leaders in Consumer Goods and Retail Industry.- Chapter 13: My Dream Relies on the Team to Realize - Ning Li of LiNing Company.- Chapter 14: Chinese Companies Need Strong and Open-minded Leaders - Qinghou Zhong of Wahaha Group.- Chapter 15: Building Strong Ties with Costumers - Jianguo Wang of Kidswant - Fivestar.- Leadership Insights from the Founding Private Firm Entrepreneurs.- Chapter 16: A Concentric Model of Chinese Private Firm Leadership.


Anne Tsui is the founding President of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR), the 67th President of Academy of Management, and Editor for Academy of Management Journal and Management and Organization Review. An award winning researcher, she has taught at Duke University, University of California, Irvine, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Arizona State University. Currently, she is a distinguished visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame, U.S. and Peking University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Yingying Zhang is Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy at CUNEF (Complutense University of Madrid), Spain, where she is also Director of the Centre for Knowledge and Innovation. Previously she was a visiting professor at Gottingen University, Germany, Tec Monterrey University, Mexico, Harvard and Northeastern Universities, US, and EAN University, Colombia, amongst others.

Xiao-Ping Chen is Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair Professor at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington, US. She is a Fellow at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Editor-in-Chief for Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and Editor-in-Chief for Management Insights. She was the second president of IACMR and the author of eight Chinese books.




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