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Life in Treaty Port China and Japan

Brunero, Donna
Villalta Puig, Stephanie

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Publication date:
24 April 2018

Short description: 

This edited volume moves beyond the traditional examination of the treaty ports of China and Japan as places of cultural interaction.

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This edited volume moves beyond the traditional examination of the treaty ports of China and Japan as places of cultural interaction. It moves `beyond the Bund', presenting instead the history of material culture, the everyday life of the residents of the treaty ports beyond the symbology of Shanghai's waterfront. Bringing for the first time together scholars of China and Japan, museum curators, legal, economic and architectural historians, it studies the treaty ports not only as sites of cultural exchange, but also as sites of social contestation, accommodation and mobility, covering topics as varied as day to day life itself, such as family, property and law, health and welfare, travel, visual culture and memory. The call of this volume is to peel the multiple layers of the encounter between East and West in the treaty ports of China and Japan.

Table of contents: 

Introduction.- Part I Everyday Life.- `Ponies, Amahs and all that...' Family lives in China's treaty ports.- Horses and Hostlers in the Making of a Japanese Foreign Settlement.- Beyond the Bund: Life in the Outports.- Part II Health and Welfare.- Treaty Ports and the Medical Geography of China: Imperial Maritime Customs Service Approaches to Climate and Disease.- to take ... measures against the further spread of the ... disease : Japanese, International Migrants, and Cholera in the Yokohama Treaty Port, 1859-1899.- Part III Law and Land.- Extraterritoriality and the Rule of Law in the Treaty Ports: A Research Note on the Malay Murder Trials of the British Supreme Court for China and Japan.- `Rent-in-Perpetuity' System and Xiamen Title Deed: A Study of Sino-Anglo Land Transactions in China's Treaty Ports.- Part IV: Visualising the Port.- Who Miniaturises China?: Treaty Port Souvenirs from Ningbo.- The Arrival of the Modern West in Yokohama: Images of the Japanese Experience, 1859-1899.- Part V: Treaty Port Legacies.- Memories of Times Past: the legacy of Japan's Treaty Ports.


Donna Brunero, (PhD, University of Adelaide) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the National University of Singapore. Her research focuses on the intersections between maritime history and British imperial history, with particular reference to the Asian port city of the 19th and early 20th centuries. She is the author of Britain's Imperial Cornerstone in China:The Chinese Maritime Customs Service, 1854-1949 (2006). Stephanie Villalta Puig is Honorary Fellow at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. She was Assistant Professor at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong and held posts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, La Trobe University and the Australian National University, from where she holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in History. Dr Villalta Puig specialises in the study of the British Empire in China, with particular interests in world history, cultural and medical history.




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