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Modern China's Copyright Law and Practice

Guo, Yimeei

978 981 10 5351 1
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Publication date:
7 August 2017

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This book presents selective case studies concerning China's Copyright Law, especially the typical cases chosen by China's Supreme People's Court and the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou IP courts in recent years as the local court's guiding reference cases, the goal is to help readers familiarize themselves with China's dispute and resolution system from a practical point of view. The major aspects covered include copyright object, copyright subject, copyright content, copyright limitations, neighboring rights, copyright infringement and enforcement, software copyright protection, collective management societies, and online copyright protection. Generally speaking, the book highlights selected typical cases involving various categories of current China's Copyright Law. In addition, it introduces readers to relevant laws and regulations and discusses some hot issues in the academic field, including the extended collective license (ECL) implementation problem and the definition of know of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in China. As such, the book successfully combines legal theory and realities, offering readers, especially graduate students and researchers, a clear and sensible overview of modern China's Copyright Law and practice, as well as the chance to better understand China's judicial and administrative efforts to protect copyright while also satisfying the requirement of transparency ever since China's entry to the WTO in 2001.

Table of contents: 

Preface.- Copyright object.- Copyright Subject.- Copyright content.- Copyright limitations.- Neighbouring rights.- Copyright Infringement and Enforcement.- Software Copyright Protection.- Collective Management Societies.- Online Copyright Protection.


Dr. Yimeei Guo is Experts Committee member on E-commerce Association of Fujian Province, PRC. Dr. Guo's areas of expertise: Economic law, E-business law and intellectual property law.



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