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Multilingual Nation, A: Translation and Language Dynamic in India

Kothari, Rita (Professor, IIT Gandhinagar)

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18 January 2018

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This anthology takes head on some of the cardinal principles of translation and illustrates how they do not apply to India. The idea of 'source' - the language and text you translate from - is in a multilingual society slippery and protean, refusing to be confined to any one language. This experience comes to us in this anthology not only from translation theorists, and practitioners, but also from philosophers, historians, and other social scientists. In that sense, the anthology demonstrates the all-pervasive nature of translation in every sphere in India, and in the process it overturns the assumptions of even the steady nature of language, its definition, and the peculiar fragility that is revealed in the process of translation. The anthology provocatively asks if multilingualism in India is itself a translation, an act not an outcome.


Rita Kothari is a professor of Translation Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. She is one of India's leading theoreticians and practitioners of translation. She straddles a large number of languages and engages with vernacular discourses at several levels. Her acclaimed translations include translation of 'Angaliyat' by Joseph Macwan, a Dalit novel, as 'The Stepchild' (OUP 2003) and 'Vaad' by Ila Arab Mehta as 'Fence' (Zubaan 2015), based on the life of a Muslim woman in Gujarat - both translated from Gujarati. Her work on partition experience of Sindh includes two monographs and a collection of short stories. She has taught widely using multiple perspectives of language, culture, cinema in her pedagogy as well as popular writing. Kothari lives in Ahmedabad and is currently completing a translation of K.M. Munshi's Patan trilogy, for which she has collaborated with Abhijit Kothari.




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