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Museum Development and Cultural Representation: Planning a Museum in the Kelabit Highlands, Malaysian Borneo

Sweet, Jonathan
Kelly, Meghan

978 1 4724 8097 2
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Publication date:
15 September 2018

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The Kelabit people are the least populous of the indigenous tribes of Borneo and were the last to encounter western colonialism; they are predominately Christians in a country where Islam is the state religion. This community has undergone immense social change that has ended some aspects of their culture and endangered others, resulting in Kelabit leaders calling for safeguards. The authors of this book address local agency and participation in the processes of conservation via the development of a museum and cultural centre in the Kelabit Highlands. They had privileged access to the community and they document concerns, aspirations and the development strategies of the museum all within historical, political, cultural, theoretical and practical dimensions. With continuing threats to the diversity of natural and cultural heritage in Asia, the widespread importance of local agency highlighted in this book has relevance to current and future practices in museology, cultural heritage management, and social and economic development.


Jonathan Sweet and Meghan Kelly, Deakin University, Australia




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