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New China-Russia Alignment, The: Critical Challenges to U.S. Security

Weitz, Richard

978 1 4408 4736 3
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Publication date:
28 February 2018

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This volume identifies the main drivers of the current Sino-Russian relationship, assesses whether-and under what conditions-China and Russia would cooperate more extensively and effectively against American interests, and recommends U.S. policies that could prevent such an outcome.* Identifies the challenges Americans would confront if Russia and China continue to align more closely together against the United States and its allies and what interests would be most affected* Examines the variables that have most affected ties between China and Russia and could plausibly continue to affect the Sino-Russian relationship* Addresses key geographic regions, countries, and critical issues to assess the areas of greatest importance for the China-Russia relationship as well as for U.S. foreign policy* Describes how the United States now faces a more complicated challenge than even during the Cold War since Russia and China possess a diverse, complementary, and historically unique range of assets


Richard Weitz, PhD, is senior fellow and director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at Hudson Institute, Washington, DC.




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