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Pakistan: The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Rise of Terrorism

Topich, William J.

978 1 4408 3760 9
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Publication date:
1 May 2018

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This single-volume work documents Pakistan's troubled history, which has led to current global insecurities and created a breeding ground for radical insurgency and terrorism.* Offers a comprehensive look at the broad range of terrorist and insurgent groups operating in Pakistan* Examines the nature of Pakistan's response to combating these groups from within and addresses complex questions regarding whether its policies facilitate or obstruct the violence* Covers heated issues such as U.S. drone strikes in the region that target various radical groups as well as relations between the United States and Pakistan* Considers Pakistan's future prospects in terms of the growth of radicalized activity, the nation's internal political struggles, and the survival of the state


William J. Topich is chair of the Department of Social Science at Pulaski Academy, a college preparatory school in Little Rock, AR.



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