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Passion for China, A: A Little Book About the Objects We Eat from, Live with and Love

Hatch, Molly

978 1 910463 33 8
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19.95 USD
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Publication date:
10 October 2017

Short description: 

Beautifully produced book on ceramics which explores the family stories and fascinating history revealed by some of these treasured pieces.

Full description: 

The book features illustrations and photography on every spread and is divided into four parts: Grandmothers House, What Learnt At The Museum, In the Studio and Patterns We Have Loved. Molly takes inspiration from both her family and her years at the wheel, as well as from the pieces and patterns that have populated our family tables and kitchen shelves. Each exquisite artwork is combined with the details and stories that make it special, whether it be a rescued, chipped milk jug or a Meissen platter.


Molly Hatch received her BFA from the Museum School in Boston in 2000 and her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Colorado in 2008. Since then she has received residencies and awards and her work has been collected worldwide. Her ceramic installations have been displayed in Boston, Atlanta, Philidelphia and Woodruff arts museums. She has a range of glassware and ceramics with Anthropologie and Twig and publishes colouring books with Chronicle.




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