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Political Corruption and Scandals in Japan

Carlson, Matthew M. (University of Vermont)
Reed, Steven R.

978 1 5017 1567 9
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Publication date:
15 March 2018

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Combining history with comparative politics, Matthew M. Carlson and Steven R. Reed take on political corruption and scandals, and the reforms designed to counter them, in post-World War II Japan. Political Corruption and Scandals in Japan makes sense...

Table of contents: 

List of Figures and Tables List of Abbreviations Introduction 1. Understanding Corruption in Japanese Politics 2. Scandals in Early Postwar Japan, 1948-1978 3. Scandals and Reform, 1979-2001 4. Scandals and Reform, 2002-2016 5. Bureaucratic Corruption and Political Scandals 6. Sex and Campaign Finance Scandals 7. Election Law Violations as Political Corruption Conclusion Acknowledgments Appendixes A. Yen Exchange Rate per 1 U.S. Dollar, 1950-2016 B. Prime Ministers of Japan after 1945 Asahi's Investigation into Election Violations in the 1960s References Index




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