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Population, Migration and Settlement in Australia and the Asia-Pacific: In Memory of Graeme Hugo

Klocker, Natascha
Dun, Olivia (University of Melbourne, Australia)

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Publication date:
25 October 2017

Full description: 

The chapters in this book reflect on the work of seminal Australian geographer, the late Professor Graeme Hugo. Graeme Hugo was widely respected because of his impressive contributions to scholarship and policy in the fields of migration, population and development, which spanned several decades. This collection of works contains contributions from authors whose own research has been influenced by Hugo and includes numerous authors who worked closely with Hugo throughout his career. The collection provides an opportunity to reflect on Hugo's legacy, and also to foreground contemporary scholarship in his key areas of research focus. The chapters are organised into two thematic threads. Part 1 contains works relating to `Population, Migration and Settlement in Australia', while Part 2 focuses on `Labour and Environmental Migration in the Asia-Pacific'. Together, these two thematic threads provide broad coverage of Graeme Hugo's key areas of research focus. The chapters also serve as a reminder of Hugo's steadfast concern with producing careful scholarship for the public good, and seek to prompt continued work in this vein. The chapters originally published in special issues in Australian Geographer.

Table of contents: 

Part I: Population, migration and settlement in Australia 1. Editorial Natascha Klocker and Olivia Dun 2. Remembering Graeme Hugo, Population Geographer Ruth Fincher 3. Migration moderate, `Master Weaver' and inspirational team leader: reflecting on the lasting legacy of Graeme Hugo in three spheres of migration policy Marie McAuliffe 4. Rethinking Australian migration Stephen Castles 5. Ageing research in Australia: reflecting on Graeme Hugo's four decades of contribution Debbie Faulkner, Helen Barrie Feist and Judith Lewis 6. Social Applications of Geographical Information Systems: technical tools for social innovation Danielle Taylor and Jarrod Lange 7. Responding to Negative Public Attitudes towards Immigration through Analysis and Policy: regional and unemployment dimensions Kate Golebiowska, Amani Elnasri and Glenn Withers 8. Understanding Ethnic Residential Cluster Formation: new perspectives from South Australia's migrant hostels Karen Agutter and Rachel A. Ankeny 9. Successful British Migration to Australia-what lies beneath the macro-level? Janette Young, Lisel O'Dwyer and Richard McGrath 10. Australian Immigration Policy in Practice: a case study of skill recognition and qualification transferability amongst Irish 457 visa holders Fidelma Breen 11. Visualising 30 Years of Population Density Change in Australia's Major Capital Cities Neil T. Coffee, Jarrod Lange and Emma Baker 12. Spatial Concentration in Australian Regional Development, Exogenous Shocks and Regional Demographic Outcomes: a South Australian case study Peter Smailes, Trevor Griffin and Neil Argent Part II: Labour and Environmental Migration in the Asia-Pacific: in memory of Graeme Hugo 13. Editorial: Labour and Environmental Migration in the Asia-Pacific: in memory of Graeme Hugo Olivia Dun and Natascha Klocker 14. The High Price of Resettlement: the proposed environmental relocation of Nauru to Australia Jane McAdam 15. Resisting a `Doomed' Fate: an analysis of the Pacific Climate Warriors Karen E. McNamara and Carol Farbotko 16. The Migration of Horticultural Knowledge: Pacific Island seasonal workers in rural Australia-a missed opportunity? Olivia Dun and Natascha Klocker 17. Managed Temporary Labour Migration of Pacific Islanders to Australia and New Zealand in the Early Twenty-first Century Richard Bedford, Charlotte Bedford, Janet Wall and Margaret Young 18. Care and Global Migration in the Nursing Profession: a north Indian perspective Margaret Walton-Roberts, Smita Bhutani and Amandeep Kaur 19. Environmental Refugees? A tale of two resettlement projects in coastal Papua New Guinea John Connell and Nancy Lutkehaus 20. Resettlement and Climate Impact: addressing migration intention of resettled people in west China Yan Tan


Natascha Klocker is a human geographer whose research focuses on equity, discrimination and inclusion/exclusion - most often explored through the lens of migration and ethnic diversity. Her current research explores the environmental and agricultural knowledges, capacities and contributions of migrants and refugees. Olivia Dun is a human geographer with an environmental science, migration studies and international development background. Her research examines the links between environmental change, agriculture and migration.




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