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Regionalisation of Competition Law and Policy within the ASEAN Economic Community, The

Ong, Burton (National University of Singapore)

978 1 107 19799 2
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Publication date:
1 March 2018

Short description: 

Examines regional competition policy developments in South East Asia, exploring a broad range of related issues from diverse perspectives.

Full description: 

This edited volume of essays examines a wide range of issues related to the regionalisation of competition policy in South East Asia, where the ten member states of ASEAN have launched the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Written by a diverse group of academics, practitioners and policy-makers, this book explore issues such as the role of competition policy in facilitating the market-integration ambitions of the ASEAN member states, the challenges arising from divergences in the national competition law regimes of the ASEAN member states, and the absence of a supranational legal framework and the future of competition policy in light of the AEC Blueprint 2025. Given the nexus between regional competition policy and regional market integration, this book will be of particular interest to lawyers, economists and policymakers working in the fields of competition law and regional trade law.

Table of contents: 

1. Competition law and policy in the ASEAN region: origins, objectives and opportunities Burton Ong; 2. Regionalisation of competition law and policy in ASEAN: why, how, and when? Wan Khatina Nawawi; 3. Diversity in national competition laws in the ASEAN region and the resulting challenges for businesses operating in the region Corinne Chew; 4. Competition law, state-owned enterprises and regional market integration in ASEAN Pornchai Wisuttisak and Cheong May Fong; 5. Can ASEAN achieve a single market with national-only competition law? Eleanor M. Fox; 6. Models of regional cooperation in competition law and policy from around the world: lessons for the ASEAN region G. Deniz Both; 7. The transplantability of the EU's competition law framework into the ASEAN region Josef Drexl; 8. Convergence and divergence within the EU's supranational competition law framework: norms, enforcement rules and prioritisation in the UK and Ireland Barry J. Rodger and Mary Catherine Lucey; 9. Antitrust appraisal of vertical agreements in the ASEAN economic community: proposals for a more harmonised approach Alison Jones; 10. Application of competition law to public services: the EU experience, the ASEAN approach and implications for regional integration in ASEAN Andrea Gideon; 11. Developing regional competition policy for ASEAN in the telecommunications sector John Townsend.




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